1968 International Harvester Restomod

Exterior Color: Gun Metal Grey . Style: Truck . Interior Color: Tan . Seating: Bench . Material: Leather



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  • 3 year restoration in with over $400,000 invested
  • 7.3 turbodiesel V8 engine built by International for Ford
  • Automatic transmission, Shortening of the frame, Custom bumper
  • A wood slat bed floor, Hydraulic power tilting cab mechanism, Air ride suspension
  • Integrated iPad in the dash, LED lighting, Custom taillight panel
  • Dual chrome exhaust stacks, rear airbags and dual pumps, Air-over hydraulic braking system with front and rear discs


World Class 1968 International Harvester Restomod W/7.3l Turbodiesel Engine

Recently, a lot of customized pickup trucks and utility vehicles have entered the market, but none of them can match to this monstrous workhorse. This is the true definition of a truck, with the kind of power you wouldn’t expect from such an ancient car, a big V8 engine, and a heavy frame.

You might be asking what makes this utilitarian vessel such a great option for any enthusiast with a liking for strong trucks with high output powertrains when those traits can be found in many contemporary automobiles. The motor of this 1960s flatbed, which combines huge displacement with forced induction to create one wild motor, was one of the key factors. What irrational force drives the wheels of this old industrial truck?

A big 7.3-liter Turbodiesel V8 engine, which propels the large truck reasonably well, is the answer to that query. After being purchased outside of Kansas, the 1968 International Harvester CO1800 underwent a three-year frame-off restoration. However, although having the nameplate of the 1968 International Harvester Loadstar Cabover Co1800, that amazing engine was really made for a different business with a reputation for producing huge displacement diesel engines.

The brand in question is Ford Motor Company, whose advancements in automotive engineering and design have come to represent the American ideal. We are referring to the fact that this brand is probably associated with almost every kind of car you can think of. Ford therefore has something for everyone, whether you prefer giant trucks, pony cars, or affordable vehicles. It’s even possible that International’s excellent engine choices had an influence.

Along with obtaining a clean gray finish, this truck’s frame has also been considerably shorter. Fans of this car, though, should be able to tell you that these weren’t the only changes that made it unique from similar vehicles. The modified front bumper, LED lighting, and Alcoa wheels are a few of the more noticeable changes that improve the overall appearance of this truck’s exterior. Additionally included are a bespoke taillight panel, a receiver hitch, amber clearance lights, and dual exhaust stacks. Last but not least, the suspension has twin pumps and rear airbags, and the front and rear discs of the air-over-hydraulic braking system are used.

Because of this, the truck is a fantastic option for anyone who loves vintage commercial vehicles. This International Harvester could be your reconditioned workhorse and serve a spectacular new role even as a labor vehicle. You ought to think about adding this 1968 International Harvester Loadstar Cabover Co18000 to your collection of automobiles.

This International has never seen rain and has been kept in a warm building throughout the winter. The cab was stripped before being repainted in gray and a lighter shade of off-white, the latter of which matches the fenders and bespoke front bumper. This color scheme was inspired by the vintage VW microbus. White oak slats that have been stained and varnished are flush with the bed frame and are divided by polished stainless steel runners. Rear 445/50R-22.5 Michelin Super Single tires are fitted on eight-lug Alcoa wheels.

The sale includes a spare set of rear super-single wheels. The cab of this truck tilts hydraulically. New glass was installed in the cab, which also features body-colored steel surfaces and a split bench seat covered in brown leather.

As we already noted, the factory-installed gasoline engine was swapped out for a 7.3-liter turbodiesel V8 taken from a 1998 Ford F-450. An automatic transmission that has been modified to work with the tilting cab uses a push-button shifter to transfer power. Later-model International front and rear axles were added, and the frame was cut by about 6 feet.

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