Ready to hit the big leagues? We have classic cars for today's market.

Whether you’re buying or selling investment-grade restomods, the Elite Performance Center team of professionals offers next-generation service. Moreover, we have an inventory of fully sorted investments. Guaranteed. Continue reading to learn more about us and why people keep coming back again and again.

We combine the sophistication of a luxury brand with the results driven mindset of a startup.

Elite Restomods is more than the new kids on the block. We’re intentionally and intelligently built to be better than what’s come before. We are the next generation of automotive professionals for modern clients. For example, we mix startup energy with stellar service and highly specialized automotive knowledge. Our next-level digital platform and marketing strategies are programmed to outperform and outsell in today’s (and tomorrow’s) market. Regardless of what type of restomod you’re looking for, our passion for people and cars makes us work harder… and we’d love to be the next – and best – call you to make. So learn more about us today.

We inspect our vehicles with AIM Quality Assurance Methodology.

Before we market any restomod, it goes through our AIM Quality Assurance Methodology. The Elite Performance Center uses this methodology to inspect the car’s drivability, suspension, brakes, fuel system, electric system, exhaust system, exterior, and interior.

As a dedicated group of restomod enthusiasts, our goal is to help our customers improve the enjoyment of and simplify restomod ownership. Moreover, we have the talent and ability to identify potential mechanical issues before we sell a vehicle. As taken from our home page text, Fully Sorted Investments is our stated intention of selling the finest Restomods on the planet and we will enthusiastically pursue this objective.

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Whether you’re buying or selling investment grade restomods, the Elite Performance Center team of professionals offer next generation service, and we have an inventory of fully sorted investments. Guaranteed.

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