Our Elite QA Process

Highly customized investment-grade classic cars are complex. As a result, we created our Quality Assurance  (Elite QA Process) so we can ensure our vehicles are fully sorted and our clients can buy and sell with extreme confidence. Continue reading below for detailed information on our industry-leading focus on quality.

Our focus on quality helps you buy with confidence.

The AIM Methodology (Assess, Identify, Manage) is a framework for inspecting the quality of a vehicle prior to it being placed into our hand-picked inventory. This definable and repeatable process inspects the following nine key areas of the vehicle: brakes, drivability, electric system, engine, exhaust system, exterior, fuel system, interior, and suspension.

Through this proven, proactive approach to vehicle quality, buyers can purchase a fully sorted investment grade classic car. In an industry dominated by big name and big brand mass brokers of classic cars, we stand out from the crowd with our boutique (read” low-volume, high quality) approach.

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Grounded by industry best practices, AIM is an organized process for:

  • AssessElite Restomods starts by performing a gap analysis on the vehicle to identify any gaps from it earning an elite quality rating.
  • IdentifyElite Restomods identifies appropriate remedies, and cost estimates, to address any quality gaps.
  • ManageElite Restomods manages the remediation process until the car achieves an elite quality level and is ready for sale.

Maximize your return on investment.

Unlike many classic car dealers, Elite Restomods leverages uses our AIM Quality Assurance Methodology, in combination with our Elite Inspection, to ensure we sell our consignment vehicles in a manner that maximizes the return on your investment. We have a network of industry-leading professionals that combine to make us unique in the world of investment-grade classic cars. What does this lead to? The highest sale prices in the industry.


The Elite Inspection Process:



We make sure your four tires are rolling smooth and even around even the hardest of turns.



We assess the condition of pads, fluids, and in case of a good time, the emergency brake.


Exhaust System

While running the car, we inspect for any major leaks or issues with the exhaust.



We begin with a visual assessment to ensure all lines are aligned.


Fuel System

All parts are present and accounted for. We ensure lines are free of any leaks.


Electrical System

First, we ensure the battery charge is strong then assess any added electrical components.



We know engines inside and out. We’ll check your engine in every stage of operation from top to bottom.



Our team will make sure all doors, windows and latches are in working order.



Our top priority is ensuring the safety features (seatbelts, horn, lights) work properly. Then we assess the materials of seats and doors.

Whether you’re buying or selling investment grade restomods, the Elite Performance Center team of professionals offer next generation service, and we have an inventory of fully sorted investments. Guaranteed.

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