What Are the Top Engine Bay Modifications?

Engine Bay Modifications for Classic Car Restomod Enthusiasts

The Fast and the Furious shows that a nice engine bay makes a car go faster. Hollywood’s scientific reality may be the global consensus. If that’s not enough reason to clear up your hood, check out this collection.


The first makeshift rocker, an ancient modification, presumably appeared 17 seconds after the initial overhead cam engine. Since the engine’s rocker (cam cover) is most noticeable. A brief application of high-temperature paint, powder coating, or a polishing wheel will also change the engine’s underbelly. Antique engines especially.

The legendary Ford Cosworth YB comes with a beautiful rocker, and there are various aftermarket rockers. However, polishing or powder coating other sections is possible. Brackets, ancillaries, inlet manifolds. Removing it makes it look wonderful.


Modified engine bay? Probably. The VW and Honda scenes love hiding as much under-the-hood gear as possible to clean out the bay. The best examples require removing the engine, repairing any defects, and painting the engine bay beforehand.

Wiring, hoses, and sometimes fuse boxes are buried beneath bulkheads and underwings before the engine is lowered. Some individuals weld in phony panels, change batteries and remove the power steering to tidy up the bay. Even on lesser cars, it looks ridiculous.


Silicone hoses, a motorsport staple, are more durable than rubber ones. They’re stylish and come in several hues.

Samco Sport, SFS Performance, and Venair stock direct-fit replacements for boost, coolant, induction, breathers, and other OEM hoses.

Many universal kits install aftermarket intercoolers, catch cans, vacuum hoses, and other tuning components.

Timeless mod. When done well, these highly polished bespoke marvels inspire every other engine bay. Get silicone love—easy, effective, and numerous alternatives.


Installing a big engine or blower is nothing new, but it looks good. The goal is usually power, not beauty, but the two usually go together. Even though their 400-plus horsepower will rarely be used, numerous stance motors are painstakingly calibrated to complete the project. Praise matters sometimes.

These polished, personalized engine bays inspire every other engine bay when done right. Everyone wants their old automobile restomod to seem fast. even at 60°.

Music In Motion is the nation’s premier classic car audio company. Click here to learn more about this car.


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Continued - What Are the Top Engine Bay Modifications?


Ensure Your Engine Bay Is Clean


The general rule is to cover or replace anything that looks bad. It’s a way of thinking that has been prevalent in the Ford community for as long as we can recall.

Forge Motorsport, Spec-R, Tegawa, and Auto Specialists offer several shiny metal upgrades for practically every other car model. Badass Performance can make your polished battery cover, alloy header tank, or brake reservoir cover. We’ve seen anodized aluminum and stainless steel.


It’s important to keep in mind that many upgraded manufacturer parts may, with some minor modification, fit other models and occasionally even other marques. Examples include an R8 oil cap on an Ibiza, a TT fuel flap on a Golf, or an early (i.e., not the later plastic) plug cover on an XE Vauxhall lump. The key is meticulously conducting your study.

Because VAG and Lamborghini share platforms with Audi, some Lamborghini parts will also suit your VAG vehicle, including some elegant-looking Porsche oil and washer bottle caps. I recently purchased a genuine Gallardo “black” washer cap for a TT from my neighborhood Lambo dealer for only £2.88. If that isn’t a deal on an Italian horse, I don’t know what is! top


Modern engine bays, especially Germanic ones, include about 7 acres of black plastic that encloses the lump and most other components. Most new things barely have engines! If you’re going all out with plastics, consider having your OEM goods “dipped” with a distinctive design.

Aquagraphix uses “water transfer printing” to cover your products with a stunning variety of graphics that float on the water in their dipping tank. Carbon, woodland camo, and more are available. They sand, prime, and varnish the surface after transferring the design. An fantastic mod that works on most metal and plastic surfaces indoors or out.

(Continued) What Are the Top Engine Bay Modifications? – MOVED UP ENGINE MOUNTS

Even if you can’t even see them on many cars, upgrading engine mounts will make it clear to everyone that your engine is a serious contender. It’s only a happy accident that they also look very hot, considering their primary function is to give a considerably greater level of engine vibration management, which sharpens up the acceleration and handling.

Top engineers in “compliance technology” from Vibra-

Please look at some of the world’s most renowned Technics Road and race applications to see how much better they are than the stock factory products in appearance and performance. A fantastic mod that is far too frequently ignored.


Can the chassis mod be made any easier? We don’t believe so, and the lower strut brace has been enhancing stiffer, better handling (by connecting the tops of the suspension turrets), and improving engine compartment aesthetics for years. It’s also one of the few motorsport-inspired modifications many manufacturers now include as standard equipment on their performance models.

Aftermarket alternatives are practically available ten to the penny and come in various finishes, including polished metal, carbon fiber, and powder-coated steel. If you can manage to pick up a spanner, you can fit one, and prices start as little as 30 quid. These are timeless for a variety of reasons, to name a few.


Let’s face it, the vast majority of bolt-on tuning components look fantastic, and while that isn’t usually the purpose, many people choose to install them for that reason alone. Consider it this way: if you were a magpie, you would always choose well-engineered, shiny items over less appealing ones.

There are many options, including carbon induction kits, 4-2-1 manifolds, fuel regulators, dump valves, charge pipes, alloy radiators, and intercoolers that are all designed to blend in with even the most extreme race car. Get crazy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are engine bay modifications only for performance cars?
A: No, engine bay modifications can be made to any car. However, they are more commonly made for performance cars to improve their speed and power.

Q: Can engine bay modifications void my car’s warranty?
A: It depends on the modification and your car’s warranty. Some modifications may void the warranty, while others may not. It’s important to check with your car’s manufacturer and your warranty provider before making any modifications.

Q: Can engine bay modifications harm my engine?
A: Yes, if modifications are not done properly or if low-quality parts are used, they can harm your engine. It’s important to use high-quality parts and to have modifications done by a professional mechanic.

Q: Do engine bay modifications increase fuel efficiency?
A: Some modifications, such as upgrading your air intake system and exhaust system, can increase fuel efficiency by improving the engine’s performance. However, other modifications, such as using a supercharger or turbocharger, may decrease fuel efficiency.

Q: Are engine bay modifications legal?
A: It depends on the modification and the laws in your country or state. Some modifications may be illegal or may require a special permit or certification. It’s important to check your local laws and regulations before making any modifications.



Engine bays can grow messy and congested, but there are many fascinating parts and upgrades to make them stand out. We examine global engine styling trends and mods. You can transform your engine bay with a few inexpensive parts and little effort. Once the engine modifications are complete, taking your classic car restomod to a show can be a rewarding experience. If you’re thinking about modifying the engine bay in your restomod, call Elite Restomods today.


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