What is the Legend Cup Award?

The Legend Cup was created in 2007 and in a few short years has become one of the most prestigious awards nationwide!

The Chicago World of Wheels Advisory Board selects a first-time exhibitor for the Legend Cup. Not ISCA-judged. The Legend Cup honors a vehicle with exceptional style, design, and craftsmanship.

The Legend Cup emphasized style and design over craftsmanship, degree of difficulty, engineering, and detailing. However, the ISCA Show Circuit uses these same criteria as the basis of its judging system. The Legend Cup process begins with twenty outstanding entries being selected on the Friday of the show. The “Select Six” and the winner must be first-time Chicago World of Wheels exhibitors.

This selection is done by Saturday morning so that the “Select Six” will be able to display their special plaques. And, the Legend Cup winner will be chosen from the Select Six. The Sunday winner will receive a Legend Cup and $10,000! Clean Tools—maker of The Absorber—sponsors the Legend Cup.

Thus, a vehicle with exceptional styling and design may win the Legend Cup over entries of equal/greater quality. Regardless, if there were others with more flash, detail, and modifications.

Larry Williams will draw the winning vehicle for World of Wheels and V.I.P. promotional materials the following year.

The Legend Cup award is based on the following criteria:

  • Style & Design
  • Workmanship
  • Degree of Difficulty
  • Engineering
  • Presentation
  • Theme
  • Detail

Elite Restomods is a huge fan of the Legend Cup award. In addition, we also are heavily involved with Classic Car shows throughout the nation. Moreover, our Custom Builds have been known to win awards.

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Legend Cup Award Winners Gallery


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone be nominated for the Legend Cup Award? A: Yes, anyone who has made significant contributions to the classic car industry can be nominated for the Legend Cup Award.

Q: When is the Legend Cup Award presented? A: The Legend Cup Award is presented annually at a special ceremony held during a major classic car event.

Q: How is the winner of the Legend Cup Award selected? A: The winner of the Legend Cup Award is selected by a panel of judges based on their contributions to the classic car industry, dedication to the promotion and appreciation of classic cars, innovation in the field of classic car restoration and preservation, and long-term impact on the classic car industry.



The Legend Cup Award is a prestigious and highly respected award that recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations in the classic car industry. It is awarded annually to those who have demonstrated a commitment to the preservation, restoration, and appreciation of classic cars.

The award is a testament to the passion, dedication, and hard work of those who have contributed to the growth and development of the classic car industry. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of what the Legend Cup Award is, how it works, and who the past winners are.

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Whether you’re buying or selling investment grade restomods, the Elite Performance Center team of professionals offer next generation service, and we have an inventory of fully sorted investments. Guaranteed.

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